What is the age group of the speaker in the poem A teenagers prayer?

ANS: The age range of the speaker is between 13 and 19 in the poem.

What is the age group of the speaker in the poem meaning?

Thus, the age range of the speaker is 13 to 19. Teenagers are considered a very important stage of life because they direct the future course of life. The poem talks about the thoughts going on in the mind of a teenager.

What is the age of speaker answer?

The eligibility criteria to be a Lok Sabha Chairperson are as follows They must be citizens of India. They must not be under 25 years of age. They should not hold an office of profit under the Government of India, or a state government. And.

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What is the age of Speaker Class 10 answer?

The age of the speaker is 13-19 years. DESCRIPTION: The poem “A Teenager’s Prayer” was written by J. Morse.

Who is the poet of teenager prayer?

The poem, A Teenager’s Prayer by J. Morse, is about adolescent teenagers and their destiny. The poem is a prayer to God to help them choose the right path and learn with a creative mind free from temptation.

Could be the age group of the speaker in the poem?

ANSWER: the age range of the speaker in the poetry profession is 5-13 years old and the speaker is a child going to school.

How old is the speaker in this poem?

1. how old is the speaker? Answer. The speaker is a small child, 8-10 years old.

Who is the speaker of this poem guess her age support your answer?

The speaker of this poem is a little girl. She must be about 12 years old. This can be inferred because scientists, biologists, geologists, and archaeologists are making so many new discoveries that they feel it is all too much work for children like her who have to study about it in books.

Who is the speaker talking about in the poem?

Definition: in poetry, the speaker is the voice behind the poem. We imagine that the person we are imagining is saying it out loud.

Who is the speaker Class 10?

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The author himself is the speaker of the lesson. He was a government officer. He is about to resume work after a 6 month leave.

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Who do you think Canthe best in the group?

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From the options given, a) Song – it is singular, present tense, and therefore fits well in a sentence that uses this verb in the context of an individual talent group of people. It is plural.

What do you mean by teenage?

countable nouns. A teenager is between the ages of 13 and 19. As a teenager he attended Tulse Hill High School. Synonyms: youth, minor, adolescent, more synonyms for teenager.

How do teenagers pray?

10 Ways to Pray for Your Teen

  1. Pray for their love of God.
  2. Pray for their friendship.
  3. Pray for honesty.
  4. Pray for protection from drinking, drugs, and pornography.
  5. Pray for their purity.
  6. Pray for their safety.
  7. Pray for their humility.
  8. Pray for contentment.

What does the poet want to see after his teenage years?

RESPONSE: The poet wants to see that his teenage years are the best years of his life.

What does the speaker pray to God?

The speaker prays to the Lord to turn loving eyes on all poor human creatures. He says that he prays that the remoteness of all creatures is in the hands of the Lord and that He will have mercy on them. He prays the Lord to show him/her/them the next morning, because no one knows what will happen tomorrow.

What is the speaker doing in the poem answer?

Just as fiction has a narrator, poetry has a speaker who is the voice of the poem. Often the speaker is the poet. The speaker can also take on the voice of a persona, which is the voice of someone else, including an animal or inanimate object.

Who are the people the speaker meets in the poem?

The speaker is a small child going to school. He first meets three people, then the gardener and finally the warden. On his way to school he meets a hawker who was selling bangles. When he returned from school he saw a gardener who was digging in the ground.

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Who is addressed in the poem?

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The poem speaks directly to the poet.

Who are the speaker in the poem are there more speaker than one?

Ans-Mother is the speaker of the poem. There is no more than one speaker.

Who is the speaker in the poem Class 7?

The poet is the speaker of the poem.

What is the speaker’s concern?

Ans- The speaker’s concern is learning too much due to age and strength because the scientist is bringing rapid changes.

Who are the people the speaker meet what are they doing?

The speaker of this poem is a child going to school. Every day he meets a hawker who happens to be selling bangles, a gardener digging in the garden, and a watchman walking the streets all night long.

Why does the speaker refer to the group of players as determined school?

Players play the game because of their brave hearts and the hard work they put in day and night.

Who is the speaker in stanzas 2 4 and 6 Do you think the speaker is listening to the speaker in stanzas 1.3/5 and 7?

The speaker for stanzas 2, 4, and 6 is a child, Amanda. No, she does not pay attention to the speaker of stanzas 1, 3, and 5 because she is lost in her own world. Her imagination gives her freedom from all the expectations placed on her. Was this answer helpful?

Who is the speaker in stanza?

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