How far can you see Scripture?

What are you seeing Scripture?

The Lord said to me, “You have seen rightly. For I see that you have seen that my word is fulfilled.” Again the word of the Lord came to me: “What do you see?” I replied: “I see a boiling pot tilting away from the north.”

What is the meaning of Genesis 13 14 18?

In Genesis 13:14-18 we read that Lot promised Abram all the land he could see as his descendants’ inheritance after he departed with his family. This blessing came after Abram showed a willingness to put the needs of others before himself.

What did God say to Abraham after Lot had left?

The Lord said, “Lift up your eyes from where you are and look north and south, east and west, and all the land that will be given to you and your descendants forever.

How wide how long how deep is the love of God?

I pray for your faith that Christ will live in your heart. I pray that your life will be strong in love and built on love. And I pray that you and all God’s holy people will have the strength to understand the greatness of Christ’s love.

How does God see you scripture?

Isaiah 43:4 says, “Because you are precious and esteemed in my eyes, I will give people in exchange for you, because I love you. We are precious and honored in God’s eyes. He loves us so much that He exchanges nations for our lives.

What does it mean to see through God’s eyes?

Life looks very different when you see it through God’s eyes. When we look to God for everything, the good times are better and the bad times are not so bad. If we learn to see life and people through God’s eyes, everything changes. The Bible says that God has a plan for us.

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What is the main point of Genesis 14?

The Shemites king crushes the Canaanites and captures Abram ne whose family lives among them. Abram is himself a descendant of Shem and is therefore blessed by God in his pursuit and rescue of Lot. After this, the king of Sodom meets with Abram.

What is Genesis 13 all about?

Abram dwells by the oak tree of Mamre in Hebron and builds an altar to the Lord. God reaffirms His promise to Abram. The promise includes both the land and the descendants who will fill it. These are two elements of a great nation. But since Abram currently has no children, the question arises as to how God will fulfill His promise.

What does Deuteronomy 28 say?

Bible Gateway Deuteronomy 28 :: NIV. If you obey the LORD your God completely and carefully follow all His commands that I give you today, He will lift you high above all the nations of the earth. You will be blessed in the cities and blessed in the countryside.

What did God promise Abraham?

In Genesis 12:1-3, God promised Abraham that he would multiply his descendants like the stars of the sky. He would be their God and give them a specific land forever. But even before that, God blessed Abraham and his descendants, saying that every family on earth would be blessed (Genesis 12).

What does depth mean in the Bible?

Depth comes when we explore more deeply the truth of the gospel and its meaning.

What does Ephesians 4 verse 13 mean?

Thus, the “fullness of Christ” in the context of Ephesians 4:13 means that the church has reached the standard or level of a church filled with Christ, or Christ-filled, and that the church is in perfect unity. Christ, and all Christians have reached this high standard.

What does it mean when God sees you?

God sees your situation.

Your situation may have surprised you, but it did not surprise Him. Being omniscient (all knowing), He sees exactly what is happening to you every second – good and bad. Your situation – your life – is always in front of Him.

What is the meaning of Proverbs 5 21?

Finally, “the ways of man are perfectly visible to the Lord, and He examines all his ways” (:21). God sees all of us. He blesses the right decisions and deals with the wrong ones.

How valuable are we in God’s eyes?

It took something more valuable, so God sent the most valuable and precious gift in exchange for man’s salvation. It was His beloved Son, Jesus. Thus, we are “precious” in God’s eyes. Nothing on earth can buy us, but the value God sees in His Son is the value He sees in us.

What does it mean to open your spiritual eyes?

It is believed to be associated with perception, awareness, and spiritual communication. Some say that the opening of the third eye chakra can deepen spiritual connection, offering wisdom and insight.

What is Exodus 15 all about?

Moses and the Israelites sing songs to God. They praise the Lord for His glorious victory. They speak of the flood that covered the chariots of Egypt and the majesty, wrath, and power of God that devoured them, contrasting this with the arrogance of Egypt. They sing that there is none like the Lord among the gods.

What was happening in Exodus 14?

Returning to the story, the Israelites see the Egyptians advancing and begin to panic. Moses cries out to God, and God tells Moses to stretch out his hand and part the sea. God’s angels keep the Egyptian army at bay while the sea opens up and creates a passage. The Israelites pass through the sea and through dry land.

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Who were the 4 kings in Genesis 14?

King Kedorlaomer of Elam, King Tidal of Goyim, King Amraphel of Sinar, King Arioch of Elazar, four kings against these five (Gen. 14:9). Several chapters after the episode is recounted here, we find that Sarah was buried in Hebron at a time when Hebron was still known by its original name, Kiriath Arba.

What can we learn from Genesis 15?

A Promise to You

One of the principles we can learn from Genesis 15:1-5 and Joseph Smith’s translation of Genesis 15:9-12 is that our souls can find peace when we trust that the Lord will fulfill His promises to us, whether in this life or in eternity.

What is the summary of Genesis chapter 12?

Scholars have identified Genesis 12 as the beginning of the “patriarchal history” of Genesis, telling the story of Israel’s earliest ancestors: Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Jacob’s sons. God commands Abram to resume the journey his father began to Canaan.

Why did Sarah give Hagar to Abram?

Sarai had long been barren, especially since they were getting old, and Abram sought a way to fulfill God’s promise to be the father of many nations, so she offered Hagar to Abram to be his side wife.

Why did Lot wife turn to pillar of salt?

Lot’s wife, a biblical character, a disobedient woman who turned to a pillar of salt to look back to see the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah when she and her family fled. Her story is seen as an example of what happens to those who choose a secular life over salvation.

How old was Abraham when God called?

Bible Gateway Genesis 17 :: niv. When Abram was 99 years old, the Lord appeared to him and said, “I am the Almighty. Walk before me and be irresponsible. I will confirm my covenant between me and you and greatly increase your number”.

What does Deuteronomy 28 13 mean?

When the Israelites obey God, they will be blessed and prosper. They will be at the top, the head of the nation, as opposed to the tail, following the other nations and leading the way at the bottom. These promises were given to the Israelites, but I believe they are also for Christians today.

What is Proverbs 31 in the Bible?

Bible Gateway Pro Word 31 :: niv. Do not spend your strength on women. Do not spend your vigor on those who spoil the king. Let them drink and forget what the law commands, and do not forget to deprive them of all that has oppressed their rights. Let them drink and forget their poverty, and remember no more their misery.

What famous prayer did Jesus teach?

In the Gospel of Luke 11:1-4, Jesus teaches His disciples the Lord’s Prayer and one of them asks, “Lord, teach us to pray.” Almost all Christians came to know and remember this prayer. The Lord’s Prayer is called Our Father by Catholics.

Why is Abraham called the father of faith?

For Christians, Abraham is considered the “father of our faith” and is honored for his obedience. The Apostle Paul, writing to the Galatians, expands on the notion of being a descendant of Abraham.

What is another name for the breath of God?

The Spirit or “Ruach” itself is the breath of Yahweh, who has his life force but not necessarily his human presence.

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What is God’s breath of life?

That biblical breath is the Holy Spirit. This is comforting. You’ve breathed it every day of your life, and that breath is symbolic of the Spirit of God with you! Even as you are reading these words, your chest is going up and down – the Spirit of God is going through you!

What Gospel talks about the length of love?

Ephesians 3:18 has me in a awe because it also includes length and stature. This Bible clearly leaves no space where you cannot find His love. So we asked, “How deep and wide is God’s love?” Now we must a reverence for how long and high God’s love is.

What does Tehom mean in Hebrew?

It is used to describe the primordial oceans and the waters of the earth after its creation. It is derived from a Semitic root that indicates the sea as an unresolved entity with mythic import.

What is the main idea of Ephesians 4?

Paul exhorts the church about its “calling” to live a lifetime as a response to God’s call, while maintaining the unity of the Spirit. This is a normal call to all believers, regardless of rank or ability, with a focus on the one general Lord Jesus.

What does it mean to see through God’s eyes?

Life looks very different when you see it through God’s eyes. When we look to God for everything, the good times are better and the bad times are not so bad. If we learn to see life and people through God’s eyes, everything changes. The Bible says that God has a plan for us.

What does God do when you cry?

God absolutely responds to everyone’s tears! The trials and tribulations of this world can certainly bring us to tears. In times like these, we can find strength, comfort, and solace by crying out to God in prayer. He is there to ease our grief and help us cope with our pain and suffering.

What does the name Jehovah Rohi mean?

Today we learn about Jehovah Rohi. The Lord is my shepherd.

God’s name conveys the truth of His power, love, sovereignty, and authority. He created you, He loves you, and His desire is to be intimately involved in your life.

Do what is right and just Bible verse?

To do what is right and more acceptable to Him than sacrifice. The previous verse (21:2) challenged my actions (“the way”) as opposed to my motives (“the heart”).

What does God see when he looks at me?

God looks at you and sees someone he loves, someone he wants to be near, someone in need of a Savior. God looks at you and sees someone he loves, someone he wants to be near, someone in need of a Savior.

Does God see us as priceless?

Because it needed something of far greater value, God sent the most valuable and precious gift he had to pay the price for man’s salvation, and that was his beloved son, Jesus. Thus, in God’s eyes, we are “precious”. Although He could not have purchased us on earth, the value God sees in His Son is the value He sees in us.

How do you know if you are spiritually gifted?

Six Signs You Have a Spiritual Gift

  1. You regularly read your dreams.
  2. You have visions – and they often come true.
  3. You have a 4 a.m. bathroom habit.
  4. Nightmares keep tossing and turning you.
  5. You are very empathic.
  6. You have strong intuition.
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