Do you cite the Bible in APA 7?

Frequently Asked Questions about APA Style Citations
Do I need to include the Bible in my APA Style reference list? Yes, in the 7th edition of APA Style, the Bible versions are treated like any other book. You must include the edition used in your reference list.

How do I cite the Bible in APA 7 format?

Bible Dictionary

  1. Example: Sarna, N. M. (2008).
  2. In-text paraphrase: (author’s last name, year)
  3. In-text citation: (author’s last name, year, p.)
  4. Example: Browning, W. R. F. (2009).
  5. In-text paraphrase: (author’s last name, year)
  6. In-text citation:

How do you cite religious text in APA 7th edition?

Cite a chapter or section in the text using canonical numbers, not page numbers. The man swore, “Seal me in your heart” (King James Bible, 1769/2017, Song of Solomon 8:6).

Do you cite the Bible in references?

You do not need to include the Bible in your references. When citing Scripture, include the book abbreviation, chapter number, and verse number. Never include page numbers.

How do you reference a study Bible in APA?

Include the title, version, and publication information of the Bible in any work cited.

  1. The following are examples of citing print and online versions of the Bible
  2. Zondervan NIV Study Bible (K. L. Barker, ed., complete ed.
  3. The English Standard Version of the Bible: Includes the Old Testament and the New Testament Exegesis.
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How do you cite the Bible in APA 7th edition Purdue owl?

Italicize “The Bible” and continue with the version used. Remember that the text (quotations in parentheses) must include the name of the particular edition of the Bible, followed by the abbreviation for the book, chapter, or verse.

How do you in-text cite the Bible?

Quotations in Parentheses: When referring to a version of the Bible for the first time, the in-text quotation should indicate the name of the edition (in italics), followed by a comma and the abbreviation for the book (see the back of the handout), chapter, and verse. . Use a period between chapter and verse, not a colon: John 3.16.

How do you cite the King James Bible in APA?

For APA, include the Bible and “Cited By” date of publication, followed by the citation information. Quote” (King James Version, 1604, cited in Smith, 2020).

How do you cite a religious text?

Bible/ Qur’an/ Talmud, etc.

Title. Version. Editor’s Name Last name of editor, publisher, and year of publication. Note: Scripture titles are often omitted for in-text citations.

How do you write a Bible verse in an essay?

Always use citations around Scripture and include the book, chapter, and section numbers at the end of the citation. In the first in-text citation, provide the name of the Bible version.

How do I cite the NIV Bible?

Works Cited Printed Version of the Bible Citation

Compiled by editor’s last name, Bible version, publisher, and year of publication. Examples: bibles. New International Version, Zondervan Publishing House, 1984.

How do you cite the YouVersion Bible app in APA?

Publisher. (original work published YEAR).

Tips for using the mobile app:

  1. YouVersion displays the year of publication at the bottom of each page of Bible text, while the mobile app version is displayed at the bottom of the “About” page in the “More” menu on the home page.
  2. Always include the app URL if possible.

How do you cite an Internet article in APA 7th edition?

Some of the online content

Author, A. A. (year, month, day). Online Content Title: Subtitle. Website name. URL.

What is the difference between APA 6th edition and 7th edition?

Author(s). The increase in scholarly co-authorship is reflected in the new APA format: whereas APA 6 allowed seven authors in a reference entry, APA 7 allows up to 20. Sources with 21 or more authors must list the last author of the source after the first 19 names and the ellipsis.

What is the APA in-text citation?

What is an in-text citation? In APA, in-text citations are inserted into the body of a research article to easily document sources. A brief in-text citation gives the reader more complete information about the reference list. When using APA formatting, follow the author-date scheme for in-text citations.

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How should a reference page look APA?

APA Reference Page Formatting

  1. The “References” are centered one inch down. It is not capitalized, bolded, or italicized.
  2. Reference citations are double-spaced, with no additional lines in between.
  3. References beyond the first line have a hanging indent.
  4. All references are in alphabetical order.

How do you cite ESV Bible?

How do I cite the ESV Bible in MLA? MLA 8 citations for the English Standard Version (ESV) Study Bible are formatted as in Study Bible-ESV. English Standard Version, Crossway Bibles, 2014.

Do you italicize religious texts?

Names of common religious texts in the body of the paper

When referring to common religious texts, do not italicize or use quotation marks within your paper. These terms will appear in italics and without quotation marks if they are mentioned in your paper: the Bible, Old Testament, Genesis, Gospels, Talmud, Qur’an (Koran), Upanishads.

How do you reference the Holy Bible Harvard?

Religious Texts

  1. Name of the religious text (not in italics).
  2. Chapter/Sura: Poem.
  3. Book edition (if applicable).
  4. Date (in round brackets, required only if applicable in reference list).
  5. Place: publisher.

How do you cite the book of Genesis?

In paper, if quoting directly from the Bible, use parentheses: book, chapter, verse (Genesis 2:4), not author and page (God 2307). The MLA recommends a period between chapter and verse (1 Chron. 13.2), but acknowledges that a colon is customary.

How do you cite a story from a textbook?

Author’s first and last name. Title of Story” Title of book, editor’s name, last name, publisher, year, pages. Page range.

Can I quote the Bible in my book?

To use the NIV without specific permission, you must stay within the guidelines, which include 500 clauses and a maximum of 25% content. Beyond that, you must seek permission and possibly pay royalties (or use another translation if conditions are met).

Do you put quotations around Bible verses?

Quotation marks must begin and end a biblical quotation. Beginning quotation marks indicate the starting position of the copy; ending quotation marks indicate the ending position of the copy. Note that the quotation marks mean that you are copying word for word. Do not change anything.

What does NIV mean?

One of the most popular translations of the Bible is the NIV (New International Versions), and newer versions such as the ESV (English Standard Version) also sell very well.

How do you cite a website in APA 7th edition without an author?

How do I cite a website with APA 7th edition no author? If you have an APA 7 website with no author, use the title, date, publisher, and URL. There is no period after the URL in the citation. Also, the title of the website will be italicized.

How do you cite a direct quote in APA 7th edition?

Quotations in Parentheses

APA 7 style uses parenthesized author-date citations. After the citation, add parentheses containing the author’s name, the year of publication, and the page number on which the citation appears. If the citation is on one page, type “p” Before the page number.

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Is APA 6 still accepted?

Note: This page reflects APA 6, which is currently out of date. It will remain online through 2021, but will not be updated. The equivalent APA 7 page can be found here. The American Psychological Association (APA) updated its style manual in the summer of 2009.

Can you use i in APA 7th edition?

Toward this goal, APA 7th ed. first person (APA 4.16) can be used. Use “i;” when writing a paper yourself Use “we” when writing jointly Do not refer to third parties yourself as “/ this author” or “this researcher. Do not use “you” unless it is part of a direct quotation.

Is APA 7th edition double spaced?

Unless otherwise specified by the unit evaluator, your paper should be double-spaced. There should be no extra spacing between paragraphs. This does not include tables and figures, footnotes, or title pages within equations (see Figure 1).

How do you in text cite a book in APA 7th edition?

When using APA format, follow the author and date method for in-text citations. This means that the author’s last name and the publication year of the source should appear in the text, for example (Jones, 1998). One full reference for each source will appear in the reference list at the end of the paper.

How do you in text cite APA with no author?

In-text citations: Citations are placed in the context of the discussion using the author’s last name and date of publication. If there is no author identified in the work, the first few words of the article title will be cited in the text using “headline style capitalization” and the year.

What are the 4 parts of a reference entry?

The reference list entry includes the four elements of author, date, title, and source.


  • An individual, a
  • Multiple people, a
  • Group (e.g., institution, government agency, organization, etc.), or
  • Combinations of people and groups.

Should APA citations be double-spaced?

References should be double spaced with no extra space between references (APA, 2020, p. 303). How do I format references in APA style? For more information.

What Bible does the Catholic Church use?

Translation Background

The New Revised Standard Version, Catholic Edition (NRSV-CE) is the Bible translation approved for use by the Catholic Church and condemned by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops and the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops in 1991.

What verses have been removed from the NIV Bible?

16 abbreviated verses.

  • (1) Matthew 17:21.
  • (2) Matthew 18:11.
  • (3) Matthew 23:14.
  • (4) Mark 7:16.
  • (5 & 6) Mark 9:44 & 9:46.
  • (7) Mark 11:26.
  • (8) Mark 15:28.
  • (9) Luke 17:36.
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